Technology And Qualification Test 


  • Qualification tests

Qualification tests are required in accordance with international standards as well as national standard of Iran. These tests are said to be long-term because their duration lasts around 10,000 hours (approximately 1.5 years). Qualification tests are carried out for three main objectives:
a. Determination of the long-term mechanical properties of the raw materials used in the pipe structure. It should be taken in account that long-term mechanical strength of 50 years is determined by qualification tests.
b. Gaining results for designing GRP pipes with a useful lifespan of 50 years
c. Performing re-qualification tests to confirm that the raw materials have a consistent formulation and quality (once every 1.5 years)
The most important qualification tests are as follows:
  • Hydrostatic design basis – Long term ring bending , “Strain bending test ”
  • Long term specific ring stiffness
  • Long term strain corrosion
In addition to long-term tests, the following tests are also carried out:
– Resistance to UV rays
– Resistance to abrasion
– Resistance to long-term temperature in high temperatures
– Resistance to fire
– Test of fittings (short-term and long-term)