Quality Control


Quality Control -farassan - grp pipe


Standards developed by Norsak, DIN, ISO, API, ASTM, AWWA and ISIRI are applied to a variety of Faratec pipes applications including drinking water transmission, sanitary systems, conveying different fluids, industrial waste, chemicals and etc. The principal communality of different standards is the definition of the efficiency of pipes for specific uses based on useful lifespan.

ASTM Standard

Currently, there are several ASTM product standards in use which apply to a variety of fiber glass pipe applications. These standards include many tough qualification and quality control tests. Faratec pipes are designed to meet all of these standards.

Quality Control -farassan - grp pipe

API 15 HR, API 15 LR and ISO 14692 standards

These standards apply to the investigation and selection of fiberglass pipes used in the petroleum industry. The standards for product quality control tests, as well as long-term qualification tests are also detailed. Permitted tolerances for the physical dimensions of the pipes and joining methods are also given in these standards.

Faratec pipes are designed in accordance with the requirements of the above standards and are currently operating at a widespread level in operational units of refineries, petrochemicals and offshore platforms.

TSE and ISO standards (CEN and TSEN)

Quality Control -farassan - grp pipe

Standards DIN 16868 and BS 5480 have been updated by new EN standards that are mentioned above.

AWWA and ASME standards

AWWA C950 is one of the most comprehensive product standards for GRP pipes. This standard applies to the use of pressurized water pipelines with full specifications for pipes and fittings, which are based on quality control and qualification tests according to the appropriate pattern.

AWWA has developed a standard design guide named M45, several parts of which are devoted to the design of GRP pipes for buried and above-ground installation methods.

Quality Control -farassan - grp pipe