Farassan in a Glance

Although the world’s infrastructure has been developed significantly during the past two centuries, still thousands of kilometers of water and sewerpipes need to be installed or rehabilitated. Therefore difficult decisions, regarding how to construct and what materials to use, in order to avoid experienced problems, are always challenging. Problem rose by material corrosion, erosion, chemical resistance, ease of construction and installation, hydraulic efficiency of pipe material and all along with economical optimization requires great effort, technology and technical awareness to find the best solution.
Farassan© Manufacturing have the most logical and rational solution in both aspects of technology and economy for pipelines transferring all kind of fluids at any energy sector.
Farassan© was found and began its operation science 1986 and has grown from a small workshop of 4 people to a well-improved Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) production company, which has approximately 3000 dedicated employees today. Farassan©Group consists of several manufacturing parties that each is responsible for producing any projects’ requirement. Faratc™ is mastermind of the group holding responsibility of innovation and design of products. Farassan©is to manufacture pipes while Farapox© produces FRP fittings and tanks and Farabard©is to design and manufacture all steel structural project components such as pipe racks and steel tanks, Farapol©is to produce resin and so on. Farassan©performing at its best is swift to respond to opportunities and challenges. Helping clients of energy sectors to improve performance and optimize the outcome by providing them with the complete combination of strategic commercial thinking with precise, hands-on experience of processes, assets and people. Make the right decisions, requires sharp insight into trends so resources and risks clearly become the most important part of each projects. At the moment, Farassan© manufactures pipe, fitting, tanks, manholes and valve pits, and other vast range of FRP products in compliance with to Faratec™designs and specifications. Faratec™ is the mastermind and licensor of Farassan’s products and is ranked among the top three research and development centers of FRP products around the globe.
Engineering services of Farassan© connect and decipher the products and information clients need to thrive. Practical proposal by integrating world-class products, corporate finance consultancy and energy strategy while behind strategic advice is the technical depth of Faratec™ and engineering specialists who have designed and delivered major projects for the entire energy chain from supply to transmission and demand.

Farassan© is capable of participating in pipeline and transmission projects in forms of EPC, EPCF, EP, P, PC or any other forms of contract based on mutual benefit.

Benefitting from national and international experts in engineering enables Farassan© to provide unique technical and financial proposal to every single project. Giving out all specifications, guidelines and requirements that clients may need to purchase the right products; ship them to the site and install them correctly. With over 100 national and international offices, in Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan, South Korea, Azerbaijan, UAE, Afghanistan, Oman, Malaysia, Algeria, Austria, Lithuania, China, Russia, Armenia and Germany; Farassan© provides easy access to product information and engineering services to its clients. Now Farassan© has 8 production lines manufacturing Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer pipe and fittings ranging from 25mm to 4000mm in diameter, 1 to 32bars of pressure and 2500 to 20000Pa of stiffness, variety of jointing systems such as Reka Coupling, Glued coupling, Bell & Spigot, Adhesive bonded glued Bell & Spigot, Key lock joint, Taper-Taper, Lamination, etc. and also have implemented more than 7000 km of FRP pipeline distinguishing Farassan© in terms of production capacity, engineering capabilities, construction and after sales support and also product’s variety in Iran and region.

Farassan© gives the following high-tech choices to its client:

1) Uni-Axial Pipes (designed to be buried, use flexible jointing systems, great hoop load resistance)

2) Bi-Axial Pipes (designed for over ground & underground installation, use solid jointing system, strong hoop and axial load resistance)

3) Pipe-jacking

4) Abrasion/Erosion Resistant Pies

5) Altering aforementioned pipe and make them suitable for all kind of soil or floiud condition gives opens a new range of products so called, Glass Reinforced Polyester Pipe (GRP), Glass Reinforced Vinyl ester Pipe (GRV), Glass Reinforced Vinyl ester-Epoxy Pipe (GRVE), Glass Reinforced Epoxy Pipe (GRE)

Proudly, Farassan© has obtained national and international certificates of approvals such as ISO 10002, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 10015, OHSAS 18001 and etc. which are indications of our pledge to providing optimized technical and economical solutions, preserving the environment, employee and community safety, smart problem solving, product quality and also maintaining the highest level of effective and efficient management system.
All our products of Farassan©including pipe and fittings are certified by TüF SUD and have been checked against the most rigorous international standards including ASTM D2412, ASTM D3567, ISO 1167 and DIN 16868. Faratec™ pipes are certified by WRAS to be used in potable water transmission pipelines. In a quite few consecutive years Farassan©has been rewarded by “Iranian National Productivity award”.