Sustainable development is our most important goal while HSE has been always one of the main part of our goal. We consider our team as most reliable and valuable asset so we do our best to follow HSE Management Systems which led us to achieving ISO 45001 and other remarkable national and international HSE certificates.

We have also pay special attention toward Environmental issues as the mother-land is to be protected from pollution, so we successfully followed all the required steps to meet ISO 14001 requirements and became eligible certificate holder. Integrated Managements of such standards in combination with HSE-ms has made a progressive and impressive effect on our job.

Farassan has actively planned to achieve Green Technology by optimizing available technologies and become pioneer to create new ones. In order to preserve and protect the environment, Farassan considered waste Management so timely separation and recycling of waste begins from the source. Farassan’s industrial effluent is treated and reused for agricultural purposes while the production wastes are used to manufacture building material and supplies.

Our recent attempt toward Green Technology has led us to FRP Pipejack Pipe Technology in which practically allows installing pipelines without open trench so the useful and fertile soil tissue remains intact and will not de destroyed because of open trench excavation.

Farassan’s achievements in HSE.

  • ISO 14001, ISO 45001, HSE-MS Certificates.
  • Fars Medical University has announced Dr.Zaheirememi (Farassan’s CEO) as HSE Top Manager.
  • General Directorate of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare announced Farassan’s HSE Manager as HSE Top Manager.
  • Farassan has been selected as Top Industry in terms of occupational health.
  • HSE Certified Contractor.
  • Top Industry Statue in Health Week.
  • Obtaining a Green Industry Certificate from the Iran’s Environment Organization .
  • Obtaining a Green Industry Certificate from the ECO
HSEQ -farassan - grp pipe

To deploy these systems, all levels of the organization and subcontractors shall adhere to the following commitments:

  • Minimizing the impact on the environment.
  • complying with legal requirement (local, national and international), and clients HSE requirements.
  • Formulating, updating, and implementing suitable and creditable models for the Company‘s HSE management  system.
  • providing training for managers and supervisors and securing their active participation in the implementation of basic HSE principles.
  • Training and encouraging personnel at all levels of the organization and obliging them to abide by basic HSE principles.
  • Providing training for subcontractors and obliging them to comply with basic HSE principles.
HSEQ -farassan - grp pipe