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Water and Wastewater 

Checkmark 1 Potable water pipeline

Checkmark 1 Wastewater collection and treatment

Checkmark 1 Desalination

Checkmark 1 Water transfer and division in tunnels

Checkmark 1 Irrigation and drainage networks

Checkmark 1 Industrial water and wastewater treatment plants

Checkmark 1 Water transmission lines

Checkmark 1 Sewerage collection and transmission lines

Checkmark 1 Pipe Jacking systems

Checkmark 1 Surface water collection system

Checkmark 1 Waste water treatment system

Checkmark 1 etc…

Fabrication & Construction

Checkmark 1 Pipelines

Checkmark 1 Storage tanks

Checkmark 1 Test & commissioning

Checkmark 1 Maintenance

Checkmark 1 Operation

Checkmark 1 water treatment system

Checkmark 1 wastewater treatment system

Checkmark 1 Desalination  treatment system

Checkmark 1 GRP production lines and technology

Checkmark 1 Resin production lines and technology

Checkmark 1 etc…

Feed & Detail Design

Checkmark 1 Design review

Checkmark 1 Basic & detail design

Checkmark 1 Providing technologies modification and rehabilitation

Checkmark 1 Procurement services

Checkmark 1 Value engineering

Checkmark 1 etc…



Our customers have trusted us during past 36 years of our operations as a reliable company and that is why our products have been used in more than 3000 projects equal to 11000 kilometer pipes in various industries internationally.

It is noteworthy that Farassan Company has the ability to implement EPC projects in various industries providing design, engineering, production, procurement and operation services in many industries such as Water and waste water, irrigation, and etc.