Vision, Mission and Values



  • The activities of Farassan company: designing, providing sources, manufacturing, operating, and utilization of fluids transfer systems with composite ( GRE,GRP, & GRE) pipes and fittings in achieving sustained development.




  • Qualified as the top 3 companies of Iran in water transfer.




  • Customers: Our success depends on customers’ satisfaction
  • Employees: Worthy employees ( interested in learning and team work, responsible, engaged. creative, and innovator) as the most important and valuable capital of Farassan group.
  • Shareholders: The shareholders’ satisfaction will be achieved by increasinfag the value of their shares as well as maintaining spiritual , cultural, social, and environmental values.
  • Suppliers and commercial partners: The interaction with suppliers and Iranian and foreign commercial partners will be optimized by considering
    future views and mutual interests.
  • Society: The farassan Group follows legal requirements and laws to be compatible with social aspects , environment, and national resources.