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Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company

The Farassan Company is top grade contractor t and financier of BOT, EPC projects of international infrastructural projects in the fields of water and wastewater industries.
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Supply & Transmission Project of drinking and industrial water from sea to Fars Province, DBOO Method, Desalination and elated facilities

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Employer: —

Investor & Executer: Fara Abresan Sarzamin Company

Supplier: Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company

Installation Period: 4 years


Desalination and water intake facilities: Parsian Port shore, Hormozgan Province, Iran.

Transmission Line Facilities: All water channel from Parsian to N Fars Province, Iran.

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Desalination, Water Intake and Treatment Facilities
Physical Progress: %17
Water desalination facilities for 145 million m 3 per year -400,000 m 3 per day
It was predicted that the project will be completed gradually using 100,000 m 3 planets per day.
Planets General Specification
Desalination Technology: Seawater Reverse Osmosis
Produced Drinking Water Flow Rate: 100,000 m 3 per day
Water Intake Capacity: 300,000 m 3 per day
Water Intake TDS: Bellow 600mg/lit (Drinking water)
Bellow 20 mg/lit (Industrial water)
Approximate Consumed Energy during Operation: 25-27 MW
Details of Project: 
• Financing
• Performing all plan initial studies including water intake, tests, environmental effects evaluation, sea and land geo technical, mapping, hydrography and topography.
• Getting Licenses
• Performing all engineering services (basic and comprehensive)
• Construction of developable water intake and desalination facilities with 100,000 m3 daily capacity
• Installment of pre/post treatment plants and other industrial/non-industrial buildings
• Electricity supplying for water intake and desalination facilities
• Construction of waste water removal facilities as per environmental standards
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  • Transmission Line and Related Equipment

* Financing
* Performing all engineering services (basic and comprehensive), 

tests, mapping, geo technical and material strength

* About 70km length
* 800mm diameter GRP
* 10-40 bar Working Pressure
* Preparation and construction of balanced reservoirs pimping stations
* Preparation and construction of a 20000 m3 filtrated water reservoir
* Preparation and construction of 5- 5000 m3 reservoirs
* Construction of 7 complete balanced reservoirs site
* Preparation and construction of 5 pumping stations
* Construction of 70 km access road
    • Sea Water Desalination Facilities Construction

  Water intake, filtration unit, SWRO, Utilities 

The Fara Abresan Sarzamin Company, the executer and investor of water supply and transmission project from the Persian Gulf to industrial regions of Fars, Bushehr and Hormozgan provinces having water desalination license for the Persian Gulf and Oman sea (374 million m3 per year) , and the Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company, have cooperated in water delivery project to industrial regions of Fars, Bushehr and Hormozgan provinces as well as the special economic zone of Lamerd & Parsian and providing a part of drinking water for Lamerd City, Iran. The great Project, provides and delivers 1,200,000 m3 desalinated water daily.

Water Transmission Project from Persian Gulf to Iran’s South East Industries (part 3)- EPCF Method

Employer:  Persian Gulf Water Supply and Transmission Company
Project Manager: Moshaver Yekom Engineering Company
Consultant: Toos Ab Consulting Engineers Company
Investor: Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company
Executer & Utilizer: Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company
Investor’s Consultant: Farpak Consulting Engineers Company
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Project Details:
* Transmission line capacity: 2m3/s
* Length: 371 km
* Pipe diameter & Type: 1000-1200mm-GRP
* Working Pressure: 10-25 bar 
* Complete construction of 6 balanced reservoirs, 15000-20000 m3 capacity
* Mining operations in stone lands- 1million m3
* Mining operations in stone lands for trenches-40km
* Pipe-jack operations-1km
* ROW operations- 30m width, 371 km
* Construction of service road, 7m width-371 km
* Execution of optical fiber -371km
* Construction of a complete pumping station with pumping, electricity,
diesel generator and utilizations buildings
* Construction of 2 water chlorination units with its accessories
* Construction of central control building
* Construction of 600 batch valves along with the transmission line
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A major part of Iran’s mines such as iron and copper are located in its south east regions such as Hormozgan, Yazd and Kerman Provinces. The industrial and mineral company of Golgohar, Iranian Copper Company, and Chador Malou Mineral Company, have cooperated in sea water desalination project for supplying to the said industries. For this purpose, the Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company, as the greatest Iranian Composite Products manufacturer, uses its experienced experts to execute the 3rd part of water transmission project from sea water to the south east industries from Sarcheshmeh mines to Yazd steel industries and Chador Malou mine.

Water Treatment Plant Installment Project-Shiraz, Iran, – BOT Method-Cooperating with Farabard Company
Employer: Fars Regional Water Company
Investor: Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company- Farabard Company

Project Details:

Location: 15th km of Doroodzan Dam Road, besides station no.1 of Shiraz Water Delivery Project

* Installation Period:  20 months 
* Utilization Period: 20 years
* Guaranteed daily capacity: 164000 m3
* Guaranteed annual capacity: 59.86 million m3
* Nominal Capacity: 3 m3/s

In addition to the ability to execute several projects and on-time delivery, the Farassan Company, as the greatest Iranian manufacturer of composite products, uses its experienced experts to optimize the projects quality and improve state economic and industrial development in accordance with management standards such as ISO 1002, ISO 140001, ISO 10015, OHSAS 18001, TUV SUD Germany and WRAS British certificates.

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Installation and Operation of Drinking Water Transmission line from treatment plant to Mianeh City, Iran, BOT Method Employer: E Azarbayejan Regional Water Company Investor: Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company

Project Details :

Location: north east of Mianeh City, 50km from Mianeh, beside Mianeh-Khalkhal road, min elevation: 1320, max elevation: 1335, along with Garmichai River upstream.

* Financing, design, material supply, and execution of 25km drinking water transmission liner from treatment plant to Mianeh and utilization of 42 km water transmission line
* Installation Period: 18 months
* Utilization Period; 20 years
* Maximum capacity: 900 lit/s
*  Guaranteed annual capacity: 9.5 million m3 from the first installed module 
* Maximum daily flow rate: 26000 m3
preparation, Supply, Execution and Financing (Article #56)
water delivery project to the Borderlines of Golestan Province cities and villages –part 1
employer: Golestan Regional Water Company 
investor and Executer:  Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company

Project Details :

* Installation of transmission line,400-1200 mm GRP Pipes

28km length with technical buildings, pipe jack and batch valves along the line

* Water transmission line from Normab Dam to water treatment plant
*Water transmission line from water treatment plant to Gonbad 5000 m3 reservoir
* Water transmission line from water treatment plant to Minoodasht reservoir
* Water transmission line from Gonbad 5000 m3 reservoir to Gonbad city
* Contract Duration: 24 months
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