Persian Gulf water transmission to south east of IRAN -Part III- EPC+F

Farassan Company, as one of the top three world largest manufacturers of composite pipes is pleased to express its interest and ability to undertake national/international infrastructure megaprojects in contract forms of “Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Finance” (EPC+F, EPC, BOT, P, PC, …).

  • Grade ONE Contractor in Water transmission facilities, including pipeline, distribution network, wastewater, ..
  • Certified Products Quality by international standards institutes including Canadian Standard Institute
  • Certified Integrated Management System and HSE Management according to International Standards

Abilities & Services

35 years of great effort in Composite Industry, successfully and honorably led us into New & Pioneer Technologies of GRP Products which would not be unless with support of beneficiary.
Farassan composite production commenced in 1986 and in line with its social responsibilities other activities including “construction” and “after sales services” were added to Farassan’s services. So by that mean Farassan became approved Grade One contractor for water/wastewater transmission facilities. Farassan has created value for our respectful client by focusing on “execution” and “commissioning” of 12000 km GRP pipelines which ensures very high quality of our products.
Farassan owns one of the two highly raked Composites Technology Centers (R&D) in the world, named “Faratec Parse Novin”. All our products are manufactured under license of Faratec, so improvement of products’ properties and new generation of vast range of products basket for all industries.
Faratec Technology Center uses Long Term tests according to the international standards to monitor and evaluate products performance in different environments. Counting on our pioneer technology and testing laboratories (R&D) and also our well improved supply chain, execution and commissioning teams, we have gathered required abilities to undertake important national/international infrastructure megaprojects at all phases in which may project has been stopped or suspended, such as phase of study, technical and preliminary/detail design phase, execution phase, etc.

In general we, as a private company, consider boosting quality, shorten implementation period, sustaining our development and accurate and framed commissioning based on

  • Valuable technological and technical ability that has formed in Farassan group which leads to higher positional and actual quantity and quality capacities in order to satisfy our clients’ requirements.
  • Positive and effective interaction with clients, credited by their previous satisfactory in business with us.
  • Remarkable experiences in strategic projects of oil, gas, petrochemical, power plants and water industries.
  • Great respect and understanding of our social and environmental responsibilities
  • Participating and taking our share of improving country’s infrastructures even with financing in water industry in form of EPC+F; which honorably one has been recently accomplished (Persian Gulf water transmission to south east of IRAN -Part III)

Persian Gulf water transmission to south east of IRAN -Part III- EPC+F

Client: Persian Gulf
Water Supply and Transmission Company
Project director: Yekom Consultant Company
Financer: Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company
Engineering: Farpak Consulting Engineers Company
Executive & Commissioning: Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company (Farassan – Farpak Consortium)

World record registering for the Longest GRP pipeline as 371 km, pressurized as 25 bar, diameter of 1200 mm, implementation in just 28 months.

Project information

Pipeline capacity: 2 cubic meters per second
Pipeline length: 371 km
Pipes diameters: 1000 mm up to 12000
Pipe material: GRP
Pipeline pressure segments: 25 bar in 125 km, 20 bar in 65 km, 16bar in 97, 10 bar in 84 km
Equilibrium tank and storage: 6 plants with capacities of 15000 & 20000 m3
Fire operations in hard and rocky areas: One million m3 for 40 km of the pipeline trench
Pipe jacking: One km
ROW: 371 km with width of 30 m
Maintenance road: 371 km with width of 7 m
Optic cable: 371 km
Pump station: One station
Buildings: Administration, chlorination facilities, central operation, …

Geographical information

Water has always been a troublesome challenge in arid and low-rainfall regions and IRAN is situated in such zone. This phenomenon damages or dries out wetlands and reduces the runoffs as well as underground water sources, causes land subsidence and most importantly endangers potable water accessibility for mankind. On the other hand, however, high populated areas and rich in mines lands of this part of IRAN become a big encouragement for rehabilitation of water resources leads to resuscitate the mines and so permanent job creation. Then utilization of massive sources of water in south of Iran from Persian Gulf is a solution. Water from Persian Gulf needs desalination and purification for such purpose and so a historical start of Desalination and Purification of Persian Gulf Water was the main key to sustainable social and economical development in the region.

Private companies of Golgohar Industrial and Mining Company, National Iranian Copper Company and Chadormaloo Industrial Mining Company are placed in central plateau of IRAN so they planned to resolve the water problem using the remarkable water source of Persian Gulf. Therefore, Persian Gulf Water Supply and Transmission Company was born to be kept responsible for such megaproject. The first phase of project was defined to withdraw 110 million cubic meter of water from sea in Bandar Abbas, desalinate it using RO method and transfer it using main pipeline of 820 km to reach mentioned mining companies.

Part I of the first phase: transmission of 4.4 m3/s desalinated water using 300 km of pipeline targeting Golgohar Industrial and Mining Company,

Part II of the first phase: transmission of 2 m3/s desalinated water using 150 km of pipeline targeting National Iranian Copper Company,

Part III of the first phase: transmission of 2 m3/s desalinated water using 371 km of pipeline targeting National Iranian Copper Company, in which Farassan was the main EPC contractor with financing 50% of the total cost of part III.

Unique features of this megaproject

  1. One of the largest ever done water taking capacity from Persian Gulf in the region and so the largest desalination and transmission pipeline (the largest in IRAN)
  2. A Unique accomplished pipeline of 820 km, with such pipe diameter and pressure in the Region
  3. A megaproject that has been financed by private sectors not governmental
  4. The world’s longest GRP pipeline of 371 km in a single project

Technical information and services

  1. Engineering, manufacturing, transportation, execution, testing and operating of GRP pipe and fittings of 371 km, DN 1000, 1100 and 1200 mm, PN 10 to 25 bar
  2. Engineering, Procurement, transportation, execution, testing and operating of 689 valve pits and 6 storage and equalizer tanks plants including all required facilities. Tanks capacities are, 1000m3 (one), 15000 m3(three), 20000 m3(two)
  3. Engineering, Procurement, transportation, execution, testing and operating of a pump station of 2000 liter/s with all the required facilities.
  4. 4- Engineering, Procurement, transportation, execution, testing and operating of two chlorination stations with salt electrolysis system and injection capacity of 8500 g/h
  5. Engineering, Procurement, transportation, execution, testing and operating of medium voltage power transmission line with passage post and transformer, capacity of 7 MV and length of 40 km for pump station and also supply power for storage tanks areas
  6. Engineering, Procurement, transportation, execution, testing and operating of optic cable, telemetry and monitoring and operating system of SKADA for the whole 371 km of pipeline
  7. Testing, 6 moths operating, and educating client’s employees and commissioning of the pipeline for a year, extendable to five years upon request of client.