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Faratec GRP pipes can be designed for different application like gravity pipes, pressure pipes, jacking pipes and etc. with considering long term qualification tests for 10000 hours, Faratec products Safe life is 50 years.

    • Gravity Pipes
    • Pressure Pipes
    • Jacking Pipes
    • Joints & Systems (Fittings)
    • Cure In Place Pipes (CIPP)
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Faratec pipes can be supplied in the following nominal diameters (mm). Smaller and other diameters are available on request. Please contact Farassan Company for more information

Continuous Filament Winding

1 2 510x152 1

Discontinuous Filament Winding

2.1 510x55 1


The standard length of  Faratec pipes for diameters over 300 mm is 12 meters, for diameters 100 to 300 mm is 6 meters and for diameters less than 100 mm is 3 meters. Any other length could also be supplied for special orders.


Typical pressure classes of Faratec pipes are listed in the following table. Contact the manufacturer if you are requesting a higher working pressure. Faratec pipes can be produced up to 100 bars working pressure at lower diameters.

The working pressure of the pipes has been calculated according to AWWA M45 standard. Pressure classification is determined based on the maximum pressure at operation time and does not depend on the depth of the pipe burial.

Faratec pipes are manufactured in a wide range of diameters up to 4000 mm (157 inches) and maximum working pressure of 100 bars (1450 PSI). These pipes due to their structure could be designed for a variety of fluids with various pH conditions (acid or base) and have a high resistance to corrosion in chemical environments. Some of the mechanical properties of Faratec Uni-Axial and Bi-Axial pipes are shown in the table below compared to steel and GRE pipes.

3 1 510x166 1

* Average quantity

** New pipe with cement lining. Roughness increases exponentially over time.

*** The range of mechanical strength value is based on AWWA M11. Referring to the API 5L, value of 207 for the metal pipe is the minimum resistance for the pipe made at Grade A.

The values in the table are merely for comparison purposes. Please contact Farassan Company for precise values if required.

4-In order to ensure long lifespan service of the pipeline, the following tips should be noted:

4 510x59 1

5-Water Hammer

Internal shocks, most notably water hammer effect, are due to a sudden change in fluid velocity inside the system which is usually caused by rapid closing or opening the valves, or the sudden start-stop of the pumps. Low modulus of elasticity of GRP pipes in comparison with metal pipes makes it possible to reduce water hammer effect in the system. Faratec pipes are able to withstand water hammer at various pressure levels according to the following formula. This approximate formula is used to determine the pressure changes at certain points in a direct pipeline, neglecting the slight friction loss.


5 510x37 1


Faratec pipes are manufactured in following standard stiffness:

6 510x88 1

7-Flow Velocity

The permitted flow velocity in Faratec pipes is 3 m/s which could be increased in the absence of abrasive materials in the fluid up to 9 m/s. Please contact Farassan Company for more information.

8-Operating Temperature

 Faratec pipes have the ability to be designed for fluid transfer temperatures up to 160 ºC. Maximum allowable fluid temperature in standard pipes produced with commonly used polyester resins is 45 °C. For continuous operation at a temperature between 50 °C and 60 °C it is recommended to consider one higher pressure class; e.g.: use a 10 bar pipe for 6 bars. At higher temperatures other resins with higher thermal resistance and special design are used. Please contact Farassan Company for more information.

9-Joints & Systems (Fittings)

It can be produce all fittings with different angles according to customer´s need.


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Superior technology of Faratec pipes has been able to bring a product to market that can provide the low cost, long-term piping solution to customers.
The long list of Features and advantages is as follows:
    • New Generation of GRP Pipes
    • Total Solution Marker
    • Top Grade EPC Contractor
    • Earthquake Resistance Pipes
    • Outstanding After Sales Services
    • Circular Economy Approach To Environmental Preserve
    • Zero Carbon Foot Print In Production





Corrosion resistant

·         Long effective service lifespan

·         No need for linings, coatings, catholic protection, wraps or other forms of corrosion protection

·         Low maintenance costs

·         Constant hydraulic characteristics over time


Service lifespan of 50 years

Maximum economical optimization


Buried or above-ground installation

Possibility of installation and operation in various conditions with a vast scope of diameters form 25 up to 4000 mm in different working pressures up to bars


Light weight

(almost ¼ weight of mental and 1/12 weight of concrete pipes)

·         Low transport costs

·         Possibility of sliding a lower sized pipe into another one provide the conditions for telescopic transportation

·         No need for heavy equipment and machinery, and ultimately less transportation, installation and operation costs


Long standard lengths(6 and 12 m)

·         Fewer joints reduces installation time

·         More pipes per transport vehicle


Very smooth inner surface

·         Lower friction loss, lower pumping costs, smaller pipe diameters

·         Reduction of build-up slime in the pipeline which lowers the cleaning costs

·         Pipe roughness wouldn’t change during service period


·         Rake coupling corrosion resistant joints with two gaskets for under ground applications

·         Glued coupling , bell and spigot or adaptor joints with epoxy glue for above –ground applications

·         Reliable and effective sealing of the joints

·         Ease of joining, reduces installation time

·         Flexibility of the pipeline could easily depreciate the of tensions caused by heterogeneous settlement

·         Possibility of exerting partial angular deviations along the line at the joints, results in the removal of low angle elbows


Flexible manufacturing process

·         Possibility of manufacturing pipes in any length and diameter based on customer’s needs

·         Possibility of producing any special fittings based on customer’s request


Superior pipe manufacturing process

·         Lower wave celerity than other piping materials leads to lower water hammer pressures

·         Better hydraulic characteristics


Production process in accordance with advanced national and international standard ISIRI, AWWA, BSI, ASTM, DIN,API

High fixed quality product in a world-wide scale that ensures reliable products performance


Semi-steel pipes(Bi-Axial pipes)

·         Ability of tolerating axial and hoop tensions

·         No need to thrust blocks

·         Lower installation costs

·         Ability to be installed above-ground