Yazd Province Governor Visiting The Project of Water Transmission From Persian Gulf ( Phase 3)”


In order to know the latest status of the “Water Transmission from the Persian Gulf to Yazd Province” project , its executive problems and latest done proceedings, a number of MPs along with the honorable Yazd Province Governor as well as the provincial executives visited the project on Dec, 22, 2017.

In this visit,  Mr. Yarry, the CEO of “Persian Gulf Water Supply and Transfer “Company and a group of Farassan Company’s Managers (Contractor of this project), provided explanations on the objectives and the implementation process and the problems facing the project. Governor of Yazd, thanking the efforts of all those who have been involved in the operation since the previous years , noted the great importance of this project for Yazd province and said: “We are looking for the issue of water transmission from the Persian Gulf in such a way to become an important issue for senior government officials.

Mr. Mousavi, a representative of the Yazd people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, also pointed out the water problems in  Iran , and promised to solve the problems regarding the financing concerns for the national plan, with cooperating and following up  and consequently  speeding up the  project implementation schedule.

Mr. Mahmud Qasem Qomi, the Governor of Yazd, the Deputy Governor of Development, Yazd Regional Water Management Manager, Yazd Housing and Urban Planning Director, and the Director of Natural Resources of the province and the managing director of the Yazd Regional Electricity Company was also present in this meeting. It should be noted that the third phase of transmission Water from the Persian Gulf Project (370 km) starts from Sarcheshmeh Copper and continues to Chadermalu. For transferring water in this path with a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet per second, the fiberglass pipes (GRP) ranging from 900 to 1200 mm (in diameter) will be used.