The Process of Evaluation for Excellence Award


The process of evaluation for excellence award in Petrochemical industry was performed in Feb 24 2015.

The evaluation team consisted of six excellence award assessors in Petrochemical industry attended in Farassan industry manufactury company and through holding meeting and visiting with organization excellence approach, noticed the rate of institutionalization of excellence culture and out coming results in various parts. The continuous meetings of evaluators with communion of the CEO, deputies , managers and the staff of the company started in Feb 24 with the opening ceremony and after the two days evaluation schedule ended in Feb 25 with the closing session.

The closing session was held in Feb 25 with the participation of the award evaluators, the honorable managing director and deputies of different departments of the company.

The fifth conference of excellence award in petrochemical industry will be held in March 5 by secretariat of this award.

The Process of Evaluation for Excellence Award