The CEO of Farassan Company’s Meeting with Deputy of Industries Minister on “Bridge Plan”


Farassan’s CEO met with Deputy Chief of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Commerce on the “Bridge Plan”.

Mr. Mohammad Reza Zahiremami  explained  how the idea of ​​the bridge formed as well as  the operational implementation of the project so far..

Referring to the closure or half-closure of a large number of industrial units in various classes, the purpose of this project was to “generate wealth” from the re-launch of the same closed or semi-stagnant units through the use of knowledge and science of the university community of the country. The”  Bridge Plan” is an interface for introducing the problems of industrial and productive units to the universities of the country, which can, by presenting their practical plans, overcome the industry’s deficiencies, by increasing the efficiency or suggestions for the production of new products, factories, workshops in Save the country from the slump and shut down and return to the full cycle of production.

Mr. Barat Ghobadian, while expressing his satisfaction with the visit, pointed to the role of completely private production units such as Farassan Co. in the production process of the country, and said: The existence of such manufacturing units that effectively address the research and development category has increased productivity and Industrial growth as well as brand developing for our country.

The Education, Research and Technology deputy of the Minister of Industry further pointed to the presence of a large number of semi-stagnant factories in the provinces of the country, praise the implementation of the bridge plan in accordance with its real and qualitative goals, and the readiness of the Ministry of Industry for Helping to implement this plan nationwide and eliminate legal problems  in order to complete the project and  to link the industry and university.