Social Responsibility

At Farassan, we believe that training and nurturing skilled humans is one of the most spiritual and divine paths in serving the society that we live in. For this reason and because of our special and influential place in the local industry and in order to fulfill our “social responsibility, “Farassan Applied Science Center” was established. “Farassan Applied Science Center” commenced its activities in 1990, with only 15 students, and initially offered courses and training program in the field of electronics, instrumentation and process control. Focusing on the training needs of the students and existing gaps in the job market, industry and the society the center expanded its activities and today it offers various courses in the area of : accounting, tourism, hotel and hospitality industry, insurance, foreman and project manager training, marketing and organization culture and individual skills. The trainers and faculty are carefully selected from the knowledge-workers of Farassan Man & Ind.

Farassan Applied Science Center -Social Responsibility of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) production company

Company and other successful industries. Faculties who can add a value both in terms of pure science as well as effective application of acquired knowledge in workplace. Today our 600 students are enrolled in the center who upon graduation and using their acquired knowledge will be an effective and committed workforce for their organization and a better person in serving the society.


To be a blueprint and an idol as an “entrepreneurship university” and a pole for science and industry in the country by the year 2021.


Transcending the society through constructive cooperation between the industry and higher education system and through training future entrepreneurs, cooperation with faculty who are committed to adding value to the whole learning process of the students, and collaboration and support of the elite of the industry in order for creation of sustainable economy.


  • Creation is the highest value of God and entrepreneurship is our highest value.
  • Training creative and entrepreneur citizens and relying on concepts and ideology of human excellence.

What we are proud of today, is a result of collective effort of our noble, devoted employees at Farassan, who consider themselves as servants to the society. We are proud to announce that “Farassan Applied Science Center” is a visible sign of our commitment to this generation and the future generation of our beloved country