Silver Prize of Petrochemical Industry Excellence Award 2015


Fars obtained another glory:

Silver Statuette of petrochemical Industry presented to Farassan Industrial manufacturing company.According to our correspondent more thanninety two active companies in petrochemical industry attended this ceremonyand Farassan Industrial manufacturing company, the producer of composite pipes and fittings GRP, GRV and GRE has been introduced , as top company andthe silver statuette of excellence festival awarded to Dr.Mohammad – RezaZahir Emami, the managing director of Farassan by the deputy oil minister and managing director of national petrochemicalcompany Mr.sheari Moghadam.

Our correspondent while interviewing with Farassan CEO Dr.Zahir Emami has asked him to introduce Farassan company and explain the field of activity of this company.

Dr.Zahir Emami described:

Farassan company the producer of composite pipes andfitting act under the “ Fratec” brand and in additionto design and manufacturing compositeproducts , this company talks over water projects , wastewater collection andfluid transfer all over the country , he added at the beginning of choosing our path,we considered the strategic needs and infrastructure of country toa newindustry and National Production assubstitutionfor import. In regard to the market needs and also special attention to entrepreneurship and employment.

This way has been started with buying knowledge and technology and hiring foreign experts. But as a leader and starter of Industrial composite production, we have nationalizedthis industry in our country and for the first time in Iran , design and manufacturing machinery andGRP pipe production equipments has been done by experts of our dear country . Today we proudly announce that we own nine GRP pipe production lines withthecapacityof1800 km per year. in different size and not only in development and capacity building , but also in technology and production of this product wehave madegreat steps in self – sufficiency of our country.

Equipments ,technology and our productionis comparable global standards and our witnessto this claim is exporting machinery and equipment to Turkey, south Korea andexporting our products to other countries such as Iran ,Syria ,Azerbaijan ,Sudan ,Pakistan ,Turkey ,South Korea and …

For creating variation by using the most advanced research and development mechanism we have been very successful such as : pipe Jack GRP pipes , pipes resistibleto fire , earthquake andsun rays(like steel) ,Bi-axial and antibacterial and made ( by usingNano system in Production) .He stated about the reasons of Farssan success in gaining the silver statuette of petrochemical Industry excellence award.

Frassan company has been able to reach valuable key results by acting in line with the vision of thethe company despite the political sanctions against the country and also economical crises in recent years , while using rightstrategic planning and effective interaction with other beneficiaries specially the costumer , withno doubt thishas been acquired honest accompanyingand empathy of FarassanFamily committed staff and special attention to social responsibilities and effective interaction with beneficiaries regarding mutual benefits.

Dr.Zahir Emami in answer to this questions that how  Farassan employees have accompanied with the organizations to gain this success mentioned :  we have  turned the organization strategies to daily work by breaking the long term strategies to short periods that through continuous monitoring  the performance of company , the staff has identified and improves their needed abilities  and now in Farassan  is the owner of creative knowledge  based capable employees.

 Our reporter later asked that despite social responsibilities have been always one of the subjects hard to discuss ,  what is Farassan  approach in this  issue?  He emphasized that Farassan  company survival and life depends on accountability  and  performing citizenship  duties a gain the society  so in this regard by using word latest models has proceeded sustainable and balanced   development.

 Number of the actions done for this subject are establishment of Farassan university of applied science , special attention to  national resources and environment, development of water supply networks in more than 7000km. in country and supplying  secure drinking water for cities and villages , also regarding  Shiraz as a culture  and truism pole in country, investing in non finished Shiraz Garden hotel project  and managing this project which is one  the glories of Shiraz now.

 What are Farassan target markets? Does Farassan have any plan for developing overseas markets?
Dr.Zahir Emami mentioned that Farassan  target markets in Iran in various fields are water, supply project, water waste, agriculture, municipality and oil, gas , petrochemical industries which Farassan has allocated a major  contribution ton itself . also by developing our  activities and technology localization we have penetrated in neighbor countries and even in the heart  of Europe . we have succeeded to export our technical knowledge to a number of other  countries.
Also in recent  years we have worked on  several  plans for global growth of industry.
The managing   director of Farassan mentioned about his paint of  view in national economy of the country, since  Farassan has regarded supporting the economical growth and development of  the country in Farassan mission we have established Group companies .
This complex has created over 2000 employment directly which consist of Farabard, Farapox, Frarab, Farapol, Farahoosh, Novingam and Shiraz Eram Water which any of them are expert in special industrial field.

Farassan Company-Silver Prize of Petrochemical Industry Excellence Award 2015