Selection of Dr. Zahiremami as the National leading Engineer by the Academy of Sciences”


The Academy of Sciences of Islamic Republic of Iran has selected and introduced Dr. Zahiremami as the National leading Engineer in Mechanics Field.  The Engineers’ Day Celebration was held on Feb., 24, by the presence of Dr. Davoodi Ardekani , the director of  Academy of Sciences. In this celebration , 12 leading engineers were selected by Dr. Jafar Tofighi , chief of selection team in Academy of Sciences, as the leading technical & scientific characters of Iran.

Dr. Jafar Tofighi said that :This selection was based on scientific, research , papers national and international activities.

With the presence of  Dr. Davoodi Ardekani, Dr. Bahadorinejad , Dr. Sohrabpour , and Dr. Tofighi in this celebration , Dr. Mohammad Reza Zahiremami was selected as the leading Mechanical Engineer of Iran and was denoted an appreciation  letter.