Research and Development


Research & Development-GRP Pipe-FRP Pipe -Farassan
Filament winding research and development

Our company is under Faratec N.P Co. license. Based on long term experience in the field of Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP), Faratec N.P has developed a complete process of production, technology and services for continuous filament winding pipe and piping system. Faratec Technology Center Laboratory is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory and provides the test services with technical points of exact compliance in test international standards and is doing extensive testing on the pipe system according to the latest international standards that guarantees us the top position in the market place in terms of production and sales. The further development of the technology, the introduction of new products and their proof for reliability and long life has benefited to the dramatic growth of the GRP pipe systems market within the last couple of years.

FARATEC Short term tests

Potable Water tests based on international requirements

Joint qualification

Tensile strength

Elastic modulus – Poisson ratio


FARATEC Long term test

Tests on hydrostatic design basis (HDB) based on ASTM D2992

Strain bending test based on ASTM D5365

Creep test based on ISO 10468

Strain Corrosion test based on ASTM D3681

Joint performance tests based on ASTM D4161

Research & Development-FRP pipe- farassan-
FARATEC permanent service

Qualification of new raw materials and suppliers

Calculation on marked based requirements

Development and testing of new products

FARATEC’S work and research is based on international recognitions, knowledge and know.





In addition to that FARATEC is doing research and carries out tests for special requirements like

Systems in earth quake endangered areas

GRP systems with increased impact resistance

New and advanced competitive bi axial coupling systems

Special design requests , pressure, Diameter, Stiffness, application

Research on alternative reinforcements , filled resin and nano composites