On the road to sustainable growth and from the first day of inception, HSE has been the main concern of Farassan Industrial and Manufacturing Company.
We believe that improving Health and safety of our employees, as our most cherished should never be compromised. HSE Management systems and international standards such as OHSAS 18001 assist us to achieve this goal.
Also we strongly hold this belief that, environment is a precious gift that god has put it in our trust and custody.Farassan has self-imposed the most stringent international standard such as ISO 1400, HSE-msand a very diverse Environment protection Management Systems in order to upholdits commitment and share the responsibility of preserving this un-replaceable gif for future generations.
Our approach toward technology is to move toward Greener technologies and to improve and develop more environmental friendly equipment and machineries.
Unfortunately waste material is unavoidable in any production process. Our state of art machineries and “environment loving” personnel have managed to minimize the amount of waste, and we make sure the wastes are “separated at the origin” and recycled whenever possible.Most of industrial sewage, is treated in our in-house waste treatment facility the treated watered is used for agricultural purposes in the nearby fields.

فراسان ایمنی و بهداشت-سلامت بهداشت شغلی و ایمنی کارکنان به عنوان ارزشمند ترین دارائی
Our R& D department works relentlessly to find new ways to develop new products using our sub-standard pipes and other waste materials. Currently we have developed new approaches to use this “otherwise unusable materials, in construction industry.” A great win-win solution, both for Farassan and for the Environment”.
We encourage using our Pipe-Jacking and trenchless technology. This technology prevents unnecessary excavations, therefore preserving trees and greens and prevents disturbing the soil.

Awards received and achievements through our HSE programs:

HSE-MS, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 international Standards
Recognition of Farassan’s CEO as the best HSE conscious CEO by Shiraz Medical Center and University.
Recognition of Farassan’s HSEQ head as the best HSEQ manager by Fars Province Social Security and Labor Department.
Recognition of Farassan Efforts in the area of HSE by Local Government Health Division office.
Recognition of Farassans’s health and preventive committee as of outstanding committees in Fars Province for a few consecutive years.
Selection of Farassan as the best industry committed to Employee Health Program in a few consecutive year.
Permission to grant certificate for Safety issues of Farassan’s subcontractors by the relevant government authorities.
Receiving the golden Statue in “health week”.
Recognition by Fars Province Environmental Department for its environmental effects.
Recognition by Fars Province Environmental Department for “Green Industry.
Recognition by the “Regional Economic Cooperation Institute (ECO)” for its efforts to preserve the environment.