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Faratec™ Jointing Systems

There are at least six different types of jointing system that Faratec™ provide its clients with. Traditionally Fiberglass Reinforced Pipes’ connecting system is Reka coupling although this jointing system is easy to install and in terms of timing is the optimized option, not following step by step procedures either with the joint itself or while installing pipes can cause leakage and failure. Farassan© ensures all clients receive required information about other and different types of jointing systems and suggest the most suitable system according to each and every project specifications and requirements. The following pages briefly describe all six different types.

1- RekaCoupling

Reka Coupling is unrestrained type of jointing, which is designed for underground applications,it is very easy to install, so it decreases the installation time. Pipe and couplings may be supplied separately or the pipe may be supplied with a coupling installed at one end. FRP coupling contains three elastomeric gaskets, which the two are sealing, and the third one stops pipes from bumping to each other during installation or because of internal . The gaskets are being designed and manufactured by Fararub© holding Faratec™ responsible for all required tests and approvals. All mentioned gaskets shall be designed to meet the pipe and fittings life and normally they are proved to last in use for more than 75 years.

RekaCoupling - farassan Company
farassan Reka Pipe Joining Method
farassan Reka fitting

2- Adhesive Bonded Bell & Spigot Joint System

Bell & Spigot is an adhesive bonded joining system, which consists of conical of a slightly socket end and cylindrical spigot end, according to API 15 art 8.1.3 This joint can be used for above ground and underground pipeline.

farassan Adaptor
Adhesive Bonded Bell & Spigot Joint System

3- Adhesive Bonded Glued Coupling Joint System


In glued coupling joint, end of FRP pipes are inserted into coupling which has two elastomeric rings in each side for sealing. The epoxy glue is injected into each side of coupling. After curing the glue, the joint becomes rigid and finds a very high strength. This joint system is according to ISIR 10729, and it is used for above ground pipeline system.

Farassan Glued Coupling Pipe Joining Methods
Farassan Glued Coupling
4- Butt – Wrap Lamination (Hand Lay Up) Joint System

Butt – wrap lamination is a rigid joint and used to join the end of the pipes. After preparing the surface of the pipe, glass reinforced is wrapped over the pipe and filled with resin to gain the needed specific thickness. This joint system can be used for above ground and underground pipelines.

Butt – Wrap Lamination (Hand Lay Up) Joint System
5- Flanged Jointing System

Used to attach different pipelines with different materials to each other and is known as rigid jointing system, likewise bell & spigot joint system. All different flanges (raised faced, flat face, etc.) is available and drillings types are also available and can be done according to connected flange’s specification.

farassan Flang connection2
farassan Flang Connection
6- Mechanical Joints (Flexible steel coupling)

As a non-composite jointing system, flexible steel coupling is sometimes used for jointing FRP piping system. Controlling bolting torque is essential and must be carried out according to supplier’sguidelines.Choosing jointing system is a crucial step in any pipeline design. Farassan© with its trained engineering team is ready to assist clients in selecting the most efficient-cost effective jointing system. All types of FRP jointing systems provide a generous margin of safety if installed properly. Joints are highly defect-free when assembled according to its approved procedures. The principal means of ensuring integrity is hydrotest that usually carried out at 1.5 times of working pressure. Perfect leak-free FRP joints are achieved with all these pipeline-jointing techniques while a number of simple rules for each jointing method are to be followed.

farassan Mechanical Joint System