Opening of the “Water Transmission To Chazabeh” Project


In order to provide safe and sound water for Khuzestan province compatriots, the water supply project from Bostan city to the Chzabeh border area was opened and operated by the Respectful Minister of Power, governor, and a number of Khuzestan province’s managers.
At the beginning of the opening ceremony, Mr. Shamsaee, Chief Executive Officer of Khuzestan Water and Power Organization, has presented a report on the implementation of this project at a distance of 28 kilometers from Bostan to Chazabeh. Then, Mr. Shariati, Governor of Khuzestan, appreciated the efforts made by the directors, experts and contractors of this project which resulted in completing the project in less than 2 months.
Mr. Ardakanian( Phd.) , the Minister of Power, who is on his first provincial trip, said the completion of the project for 55 days with observing all qualitative standards can be a good sample for other national projects. He also emphasized the use of Iranian engineers and companies capacities in implementing the projects of the Ministry of power. .
It should also be noted that the Farassan Manufacturing Company supplied GRP pipes requirements of this project as its executive contractor.