The Novingam Company has been established on 2005 as one of the sub companies of Farassan Groups in order to provide design, consulting, operating, installation, supervision, quality control, commissioning, and other engineering services, as well as construction , mechanical and electrical installations, and machinery selection activities
The company provides services in factories commissioning, related machineries, equipments optimization, and productivity improvement of GRP reservoirs and pipes and composite products manufacturing factories , by the cooperation of local and international consultants. The most important activities of the company include continuous and non-continuous producing of GRP pipes , test equipments, long term tests , productivity improvement, and industrial technologies documentation. The company tries to use modern and creative methods to improve its services and become a leader in Iran’s composite products design industry.

طراحی کارخانجات و ماشین آلات تولید و تست لوله و مخازن GRP
تولید لوله، مخازن GRP-فراسان
Noveen - Gaam machine for GR pipes
تولید پیوسته و ناپیوسته لوله GRP-نوین گام