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Filament Winding process-Frp pipe-Grp pipe

Filament Winding process

The basic Faratec Novin Parseh winder is composed of a continuous steel band supported by beams which form a cylindrical shaped mandrel. The beams are rotating and roller bearings allow the band to move longitudinally so that the entire mandrel continuously moves in a spiral path toward the end of the machine by passing appropriate control mechanism.

The computerized and permanently controlled material application as well as the stabile predictable continuous process allows manufacturing a high variety of different types of pipes on numerous applications. Even the range of diameters, stiffness classes and pressure classes are close to be unlimited but within the machinery performance and the allowable material parameters of GRP and GRV.

Diameter: DN 14 – DN 4,000 (based on machine design)

All market typical standard diameters but even non standard dimensions

Length: 0.3 m-24 m per pipe

All standard length like 6 m and 12 m but even in all required variances without additional cost for cutting or waste.

Stiffness: SN 2500 – SN 10,000 N/m2

All stiffness classes in between and even higher classes for higher loads

Pressure: PN 1- PN 32 bar

All pressure classes even more than 32 bar depending on the pipe size are possible be produced on an efficient cost saving way

  •  The most reliable process for manufacturing potable water transfer pipes.
  • Our Faratec Novin Parseh R & D center is pleased to provide the appropriate pipe design for your projects and needs
  •  The Faratec N.P Filament winding process is the most flexible, most reliable and approved technology
  •  Faratec N.P does not supply only standard uniform machine deliver equipment s exactly base on your requirements as well.
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