Irrigation and Drainage Using Fiber Glass Reinforced Polyester Pipe(GRP) products

Initial Backfill - GRP pipe-Farassan
Initial Backfill - GRP pipe-Farassan
FRP pipe - Drainage Projects
FRP pipe - Drainage Projects
FRP PIPE- irrigation and Drainage Project
farassan Glass Reinforced Polyester Pipe(GRP) product

Irrigation of Cheetab plain – Pipeline and Inverted siphons Using Faratec™ GRP Pipes

Geography of the project and installation site:


  • A 10 Km culvert brings the water from the diverting dam, and branches out to two GRP pipes. One of the lines acts as an inverted siphon (DN=1000 mm) with the length of 400 meter which crosses a wide valley with the elevation difference of approximately 60 meters.
  • The valley is located in mountainous area. The installation was challenging because one side of the valley was made of hard rocks and the other side was made up of extremely loose and unstable soil.
4-meter-depth trenches- GRP PIPE
Irrigation of Cheetab plain – Pipeline and Inverted siphons Using Faratec™ GRP Pipes
Pipeline and Inverted siphons Using Faratec™ GRP Pipes
Why Faratec™ Pipes was selected?

The Engineering and Consulting company proposed Faratec™ pipes because:

  • The possibility of flood and extreme raining condition which could cause corrosion of the pipeline.
  • The mountainous condition of installation site made the low weight, easy to handle and install Faratec™ pipes the better choice over other pipes (such as cast iron).
Highlights of the project


  • High slope and installation in 4-meter-depth trenches in river was an outstanding experience.
  • Variety of pipe supports systems had to be designed. In some parts of the siphon, the pipe diameter was supported by mortar and other parts and where the soil was unstable specially designed rock-mortar supports were designed.
  • Specially designed Thrust blocks to handle mechanical loads.
  • Cheetab Siphon is the largest siphon designed and installed in Iran.


Commissioning year:
  • Year: 2005
  • Despite the harsh installation and operation conditions, the pipeline is in sustained operation.


Pipeline Specification:


  • Pipe material: Faratec™ GRP pipe
  • Diameter: 600 – 1000 mm
  • Pressure class: 6 bar
  • Stiffness class: 2500 Pa
  • Delivery of pipe: 2001
  • Commissioning: 2005
  • Client: Fars Regional Water Authority.
  • Project Consultant: Haaseb Fars Consulting Company
Cheetab Siphon is the largest siphon designed and installed in Iran.

Repair of Irrigation network of Dashte –Moghan Fields using Faratec™ Pipes

Irrigation network of Dashte –Moghan Using GRP pipe
Project Goal:

Using GRP pipes (DN=1000,1100,1200) for repair of Irrigation network in Dashte-Moghan Agricultural fields located in Ardebil Province.

Project Execution:
  • Because of low weight, speed of installation and ease of transport, the project’s consulting company selected Faratec™ GRP pipes for the project.
  • Because of high water level and floods, the pipes were supported in mortar casings.
  • Faratec™ Pipes were used in form of three different siphons with different slopes to connect two culverts.
  • Farassan Man & Ind Company was selected to supply and also to install the pipeline.
  • Faratec™ Pipes received quality certificate by the consulting company and the client.


Geography and highlights of the project:


  • Installation in wide trenches to stabilize the pipe bedding.
  • Excessive rain fall in the region.
  • Need for continuous dewatering of the trenches prior to installation.
  • Installation in high slopes in form of siphons.
  • Construction of various pipe casings.
  • Construction of Trust Blocks at some of the joints.
  • One of the longest siphons constructed in Iran.


Pipe Specification:
Using Uniaxial pipe in irrigation and drainage project
Repair of Irrigation network of Dashte –Moghan
  • Pipe material: Faratec GRP Pipe
  • Diameter: 1200 mm
  • Pressure Class: 6 bar
  • Stiffness Class: 2500 Pa
  • Quantity: 2870 meter
  • Pipe Delivery date:  2007
  • Commissioning: 2009
  • Client: Ardebil Regional Water Authority
  • Consultant: Yekom Counsulting Company
  • Contractor: Farassan Man & Ind Co. Company and Limeet Company Consortium
Faratec™ GRP pipes- for irrigation project