GRP Manhole Projects

GRP Manhole Projects-Resistance to corrosion
FiberGlass Reinforced Manhole-Farassan
FiberGlass Reinforced Manhole
Farassan is manufacture a GRP manhole
Low weight Farassan GRP manhole
Flexibility in design and production-Grp Manahole

Transfer of Water to Sarvestan Region

Faratec™ GRP quals and manhole
Project Goal:


Transfer of water from Shiraz region underground water reservoirs to the Sarvestan region in Fars Province To complete this project many tasks and designs had to be performed simultaneously. GRP manholes and quals had to be design and in order to stabilize the water transmission line and transport the needed water.
Highlights of the project


Collapse of the drainage tunnel was a big obstacle. Frequent collapse was delaying the completion of project and the time table for commissioning the pipeline. Special GRP manholes and quals were designed by Farassan engineering department and were used to stabilize the walls of the tunnel. These structures replaced the previously designed structures made of cement and mortar.

The very first time use of GRP Quakes in Iran
Why Faratec™ GRP quals?

  • Low weight : Each cement quale for this project weightes approximately 1700 kg, while the weights of GRP quale was only 100 kg.
  • Ease of production and shaping of GRP quales.
  • Ease of installation: for each one-meter length of the tunnel 18 different cement- section was required, while for the same tunnel length, only 5 GRP-sections need to be installed.
  • Ease of joining the GRP Manholes and quales to each other and to existing cement-mortar pipes.
  • Resistance to corrosion due to the Chlorine and sulfate ions in the soil.
  • Ease and speed of installation.
Pipeline Specification:


  • Pipe: Faratec™ GRP quales and manholes
  • Largest diameter: 1900mm
  • Smallest diameter: 1500 mm
  • Length of each section: 400 mm
  • Maximum Pressure: 1 bar
  • Quantity: 200
  • Installation depth: up to 12 meter
  • Client: Fars Regional Water Authority
  • Consultant: Paraab-Fars Consulting Company
  • Contractor: Arsa-Sakhteman International Company
Special GRP manholes and quals were designed by Farassan engineering