Fire Fighting Using Fiberglass Reinforcement Polymer (FRP), GRP, GRVE and GRE products

Offshore Fire Fighting Piping System -frp pipe
Offshore Fire Fighting Piping System -frp pipe
Onshore -FireFighting Piping System - GRP pipe

Aboozar and Behregan Offshore oil Platforms

Gre pipe-Aboozar and Behregan Offshore oil Platforms
Gre pipe-Aboozar and Behregan Offshore oil Platforms
Project Goal:
In order to compress the natural gas which exists in oil wells of Aboozar and Behrgan offshore oil platforms, Iranian offshore Company developed a project and Faratec composite pipes were selected for this project. Farassan worked alongside with the designers (PIDEC and Gulf Piping Company) in order to install Faratec GRE pipes and fittings for fire-fighting application in this important strategic project.
Why faratec Composite pipes?
  • High corrosive resistance property of Faratec GRE pipes provided the best solution for this highly corrosive industrial environment. Despite cast Iron pipes, Faratec GRE pipes are resistance to oxidation and show excellent resistance toward corrosion caused by the corrosive gases in the atmosphere of the job site as well as to the seawater which is the pipe medium.
  • Because of low weight, installation of GRE pipes does not require heavy equipment. This is a crucial factor when installing any type of equipment on the machinery-dense Offshore platforms.
  • Resistance to corrosive with fire resistance property of Faratec GRE pipes made the selection of piping system easy for the designers. Fire resistance GRE pipes could handle high temperatures in fire situations. The temperature of fluid rises to 40 C when the pipe is exposed to 1100C.
Project Highlights:
  • Because of high humidity, special resin was developed in order to prevent defects in pipe joining procedures.
  • Farassan Engineering Department designed and tested special Biaxial pipes for this strategic project.
  • Bell & spigot joining method was used to increase the speed of installation.
Pipeline Specification:
  • Pipe material: Faratec GRE fire resistance Pipes.
  • Maximum diameter: 100 mm
  • Pressure Class: 16 bar
  • Stiffness Class: 10000 Pa
  • Quantity: 980 meter
  • Commissioning year: 2011.
  • Client: Iranian offshore Company
  • Design and engineering: PIDEC Co.
  • Installation Contractor: Farassan Man. & Ind. Co and GPC Co consortium.