Farassan was honored in the “International Day of Standard”


The best manufacturing company

During the Annual gathering which celebrates the “International Day of Standard” a few companies were recognized for their outstanding effort. Farassan’s effort and commitment to quality and high standards was once again recognized during this gathering. Mrs. Maryam Sobohi from Farassan was recognized as an exemplary Quality Control Manager, for her outstanding efforts in quality management program. Dr. Shariatmadary , the assistant to the President of Islamic Republic of Iran, and Mrs. Pirooz-bakht the CEO of Iranian National Standard bureau and a number of high ranking Iranian officials who attendant this national gathering.
The motto for 2015 was “Standards, A Global common Language”. Selection of this motto emphasizes the importance of adhering to standards in order to achieve and maintain sustainable growth.
This achievement by Farassan is a clear indication of the company-wide commitment to quality and quality management program.
Also, for the third consecutive year, Farassan was voted “The best manufacturing company” in the Fars province.

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