Farassan Presented its Capabilities


The exhibition and the specialized forum of “The National  Capabilities to Produce and Use Different Pipe Types for  water Applications ” was held at the initiative of (Iran Water House). At this forum, specialized associations and manufacturers of GRP, polyethylene, dactyl and PVC Pipes exhibited their capabilities. Mr. Dr. Mohammad Reza Zahiremami, CEO of Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Co., referred to the company’s history, and to its latest achievements and technical advantages of GRP pipes.On the sidelines of this specialist meeting, an exhibition was also held to showcase the latest products of Farassan Company. It should be noted that a number of senior managers from the Ministry of Energy, Iran Water Resources and Water Resources Management Company, as well as the heads of pipe manufacturers’ associations, spoke at the meeting. The meeting was held on Dec. 12th & 13th of   the current year in the Ministry of Energy’s conference hall.