the Fararab company has been established on 2003 as one of the most important companies of Farassan Groups to provide different kinds of rubber made pieces . After a few years , the company improved its activities and became a major party in Iran and foreign markets in, water, sewage, automobile, power plant and other related industries. Recently, the company’s competitive advantages improvement has led to exporting many of its products to Turkey after being confirmed by the required international standards existing in European countries.
The company’s products are produced based on different natural and artificial elastomers such as natural rubber (NR), butyl(IIR), nitryl (NBR), neoprene(CR), polyurtan (PU), Waiton (BR), SBR,EPDM, VITON, Silicon, and Teflon with different physical properties. the company was successful to get the quality and managing standards of ISO:2008:9001,CHSAS 18001.

Fararab : O-rings and different kinds of GRP/FRP composite pipes sealing rings and gaskets
the Fararab Company’s products include the following:
O-rings and different sealing rings for GRP/FRP composite, cement, rigid and other metallic, corrugated, and PVC pipes. different kinds of stud bolts in accordance with ASME B 16.21 or other standards as needed by customers rollers and chopper roller rubber coatings mixed pieces ( rubber/ metal ) rubber diaphragms and couplings ( with/without reinforce) robber sheets and buffers and rubber-based foams different brake shoes, slaves, packing, liners and other pieces used in different industries visit www.farapishtaz.com website for more information