The Farapol company was successful to achieve local and international standards such as ISO 2008:9001, ISO 2004:14001, OHSAS2007:18001, as well as Iranian standard , drug & food Org. and health Org. Standards) on its first step towards stable and qualified production in accordance with modern managing methods , continuous improvement, monitoring and evaluation strategies, and idealized conditions. The execution of jobs classification procedure based on labor Org. codes, operating a reward and allowances system based on balanced card test method, and operating recommendations system are the other achievements of the company. The Farapol Jam Co. has operated the” design and post-sell services” unit in order to provide specialized products based on customers’ real needs and demands and achieved many successes in this field .

The Farapol Jam Co. uses more than 100 experienced and specialized personnel to become one of the greatest companies in designing and producing the different kinds of specialized resins such as non-saturated Ortho phthalic-based polyester resins, non-saturated Iso phthalic -based polyester resins, non-saturated Ter phthalic -based polyester resins, phenyl A- based vinyl ester resins, Epoxy Novalak-based vinyl ester resins, anti-UV, Thixotropic specialized resins, as well as gel coat . cobalt Octoate 6%، 8%، 10%.

using the biggest transportation system for weighted resins in Iran and operating the information system for customers are one of the greatest achievements of the company.

Producing resins-Farapol
designing & producing the

the products of the company ( branded as Farapol) are exported to different countries in middle east, middle Asia , and even European countries as the consequence of continuous and stable production based on the best international standards. in 2011 , the company has became the biggest resin producer one in Hmaedan-Iran and reduced the need to import the resin products to Iran.

also the local consumers have confirmed the high quality of resins produced by the company and composite materials active producers became the loyal customers of the company. these loyal customers or the company’s stockholders in other words are active companies in GRP pipes manufacturing, chemical materials and water reservoirs, artificial stones, marine vessels , refineries, and reservoirs isolation industries which uses more than 100 grades of the company products.

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