The Farabard Company provides the following services using the most experienced personnel in design, providing, and manufacturing of different concrete and fiberglass cooling towers for industrial and construction applications:

1. Design

  • Designing cooling tower using the most updated and specialized software
  • Providing research and consulting services for cooling systems basic design
  • Providing engineering services for comparative design of cooling systems in all engineering disciplines including process, piping, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation and civil equipments
  • Thermodynamic, fluids, and heat transfer design of cooling towers and their internal parts including packing, drop sealing, water delivery system( pipes, fittings, adaptor , and nuzzle) , fan, power transmission systems, fan stack, air openings and (if required) air flow directing walls , loading structures and pieces , as well as designing access paths for maintenance and repair and periodic inspections
  • Design and operating water and air fluids piping lines
  • Designing the sewage and drinking water filtration rooms
  • Designing desalination systems
  • Designing ozone dispersing systems


  • Providing gearbox, electromotor, equipments, and accessories for cooling towers and cooling systems including GRE piping, packing, nuzzle, fan, fan ring, composite structures, gearbox, electro-motors and etc…
  • Providing water treatment systems including RO systems, ionization-resin filtration packages, chemical injection, physical filtration with sand filters and similar items, also some of the physical filtration equipments of great filtration houses such as tube DEX and sedimentation bathes are imported from NMAQUA or Munters Company.
  • Providing control and electrical boards for smart remote control systems( invertors-based) with thermo-sensors and transmitter


  • Production of different axial fans with FRP blades for air coolers and cooling
  • Production of under-pressure reservoirs up to 200 m3and 60 bar
  • Production of different special machining pieces
  • Production of special and customized cooling towers’ parts
  • Manufacturing the body, lower, fan stack, supports , and structures related to cooling tower: fiberglass, metal, and composites
  • Manufacturing the internal grids for water distribution in cooling towers with PVC , Fiber coverage, or distribution channels made of fiber glass
  • Manufacturing the different kinds of industrial heavy and light metal structures in accordance with oil company standards
  • Design and manufacturing of GRP pipes ( up to 4000mm in diameter)

4- Construction

  • Construction of EPC,EPCC, and BOT projects
  • Construction of optimization projects
  • Construction of cooling towers repair projects
  • Construction and design of desalination and water treatment units and ozone dispersing units
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line of GRP pipes-Farabard
Farabard Company Cooling Tower
AXIAL FANS WITH FRP BLADES Air Cooled Condenser Axial Fan Air Cooled Condenser Axial Fan AXIAL FANS WITH FRP BLADES
Farabard creating piece of steel structures - industrial