Another accomplishment and honer for Farassan

As an strategic plan which conceptualized by Farassan in order to help construction of piping infrastructure of the country, many of national strategic projects are now being financed by private sector and supported by local and national national governmet departments in form of B.O.T. contracts. During a meeting in “Tehran Water and Wastewater Authority” convension Hall, 99 large national water-transport projects were presented as high priority projects which will be completed in form of B.O.T. contract for three projects(supply of potable water to cities of Darab, Haji-Aabbad and Janaat-Shar) with the approximate value of 1,500,000,000,000 Rial. A Consertium Formed by Farassan Man. and Ind. Company and Gambron Sanaat Company was awarded the B.O.T.