Achieving Silver Statuette of Organizational Excellence Award by Farassan Company


The 15th national seminar of organizational excellence was held by cooperation of Iran’s Industrial Management Organization. The seminar was held by the presence of the Deputy of Industry, Mine, and Commerce Minister, General Director of Industrial Renovation and Development Organization and some of Iranian Industrial Management Organization’s Directors in IRIB Organization’s Hall , to appreciate successful companies and organizations.

In this seminar, Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company was qualified as one of the four successful companies and Silver Statuette of Organizational Excellence and an appreciation letter were denoted to its CEO.

The silver statuette of petrochemical industry 7th Excellence  Award was  presented to Farassan company. In the seminar which was held by the presence of the deputy of oil minister and managing director of Iran’s petrochemical industries company, the Farassan Company was successful to achieve the highest level of award. Congratulations to all hardworking managers, employees, and workers of Farassan Company for achieving this success.