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Signing an Agreement Between Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company and Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI)

  On the last day of petroleum, gas, and petrochemical industry exhibition, an agreement was concluded between Farassan Manufacturing & Industrial Company and RIPI. The agreement was signed by Dr. Bazmi , deputy of GRP Technology and international affairs at RIPI , and Dr. Mohammad Reza Zahiremami , managing director of Farassan, for research and […]

Participation Of Farassan Company in the 22nd International Exhibition of Petrochemical, Gas , and Petroleum Industries

The Farassan company has participated in the 22nd international exhibition of petrochemical , gas, and petroleum industries in Showroom No. 8 & 9. Many Iranian and international managers and experts visited Farassan stand.

Achieving Silver Statuette of Petrochemical Industry Excellence Award

  The silver statuette of petrochemical industry 7th Excellence Award was presented to Farassan company. In the seminar which was held by the presence of the deputy of oil minister and managing director of Iran’s petrochemical industries company, the Farassan Company was successful to achieve the highest level of award. Congratulations to all hardworking managers, […]

The Tenth International Oil, Gas and petrochemical Exhibition

  On September of this year “The annual International professional Oil, Gas and petrochemical Exhibition” was convened in Shiraz. This annual exhibition provided an opportunity for domestic and international companies to share their knowledge, know-how and the latest innovations in the field of Oil, Gas and petrochemical Industry. The governor of Fars province, The CEO […]

The prestigious “Tehran Oil, Gas and petrochemical Exhibition”

Our tradition of participating in the most prestigious and sought after exhibition in the area of Oil, Gas and petrochemical continued this year. This year, the 20th “Oil, Gas and petrochemical exhibition” brought hundreds of reputable companies to Tehran and the highest ranking officials and decision makers visited Farassan’s stall and spoke with Mr. Zahir-Emami […]

Silver Prize of Petrochemical Industry Excellence Award 2015

Fars obtained another glory: Silver Statuette of petrochemical Industry presented to Farassan Industrial manufacturing company.According to our correspondent more thanninety two active companies in petrochemical industry attended this ceremonyand Farassan Industrial manufacturing company, the producer of composite pipes and fittings GRP, GRV and GRE has been introduced , as top company andthe silver statuette of […]