The Farahoosh Company as the first active ISDP of Iran , authorized by radio communications regulatory organization of Iran ( under the supervision of ministry of IT and communications), and one of the member of Farassan group, and the first holder of European EFQM model seminar first reward, was established to transfer its successful experiences .
the company was the first one which confirmed by Iranian organization of radio communications regulatory authority after being checked for security and technical issues. then the company has been authorized to provide dedicated internet communications services and became the first Iranian private company which provides VOIP,PAP, ISP band width for private and public industrial and education organizations and companies in accordance with article No. 44 of conventional law of Islamic republic of Iran and the orders of Iranians supreme & respectful leader . the company has 30 direct and 150 in-direct employees.
visit www.farahoosh.ir website for more information