Cooling System Using Fiberglass Reinforcement Polymer (FRP) products 


Cooling System Projects - Farassan GRP, FRP pipe
Cooling System Projects - Farassan GRP, FRP pipe
Cooling System Proejct -GRP pipe
Cooling System Proejct -GRP pipe

Besat Power Generating Plant

Project Goal:
Besat Power generating plant with the capacity of producing 235 Megawatt is located in southern part of Tehran (The Capital of Iran). This old power generating plant went through a major overhaul recently and replacement of the old corroded carbon steel pipes which delivered water to cooling units was a part of this reconstruction. Faratec high quality GRP pipes was selected as the replacement for the corroded carbon steel piping system.
Project Highlight
  • Speed of installation was one major concerns in this overhaul. Excavation, dismantling the old carbon steel pipeline, and installation of the new GRP pipes took less than 20 days.
  • The special shape of pipes connecting the feeding pumps to the main headers presented a challenge. Special shape GRP pipes had to be designed to tackle this problem.
  • GRP fittings are normally fabricated using mitered sections. However because of constrains in job site and special conditions, most of the fitting were produced in one section.
  • Some of old carbon steel piped were placed under the condensers structural foundations which made replacement of this damaged pipes impossible. These pipes were repaired using composite Resin/fiberglass matrix units
  • Fiberglass pipes were joined to other sections of non GRP pipelines and auxiliary equipments by GRP flanges.
Pipeline Specification:
  • Pipe material: Faratec GRP Pipe
  • Maximum diameter: 1500 mm
  • Pressure Class: 10 bar
  • Stiffness Class: 5000 Pa
  • Quantity: 500 meter
  • Commissioning year:2011.
  • Client: Besat Power Plant
  • Installation Contractor: Farassan Man. & Ind. Company