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Another Medal for Farassan

The technical and vocational training university of Iran has appreciated Dr.Mohammad Reza Zahiremami ( managing director of Farassan Man. & Ind. Company ) as the entrepreneur leader of Iran , on entrepreneurship national day. In this festival which was held on July,26,2017, in Iran chamber of commerce , industries and mines conference salon , Dr.Zahiremami […]

The deputy ministry of Industries visited Farassan Factory

Mr. Yazdani, the respectful deputy minister of industries and managing director of Iran small industries and industrial parks Organization (ISIPO) and some of the organization managers have visited Farassan factory located at Shiraz-Sepidan road. At this visit which was held with the presence of Mr.Hemati ( president of industry, mine, and trade organization of Fars […]

A Golden Day for Farassan

The Farassan Man. & Ind. Company was honored in industry and mine national day seminar. In a seminar which was held on July, 09, 2017 at Iran international conference center ( Tehran), Mr. Ishaq Jahangiri ( vice president of Iran ) appreciated Dr. Mohammad Reza Zahiremami( managing director of Farassan Co.) and gave him a […]

Signing a Tripartite Agreement

A tripartite agreement was concluded between united nations industrial development organization ( UNIDO), Iranian youth industry, mine, and trade house , and Farassan Industrial & Manufacturing Company. As reported by the public relations unit of Farassan Industrial & Manufacturing Company, the tripartite agreement was concluded between the above mentioned parties during the visit of Mr. […]

Another Achievement for Farassan

During the celebration of “International Day of Standard, Once again Farassan was selected as the best company which is committed to high levels of international standards. Dr. Zahir Emami , the company’s chief administration manager from Farasssn, Mrs. Sobohi , the quality management officer and Mr. Saeedzadeh Farassan’s QC manager were honored for their dedication […]